Automatic mowers that tend to the lawn autonomously still remain a novelty in the Polish gardening tool market, and yet their popularity is on the rise due to their versatility, ease of operation, and increasingly affordable prices. Something that can mow lawns without the control of a human, circumvent obstacles, respect the preset boundaries of the work area and respond to rain, and still knows when to return to the charging dock was once only possible in science fiction novels. Today, though, it is within the reach of an arm… which holds a smartphone with an app installed to manage and customize the settings of the robot mower.

A robot mower can operate within an area of lawn limited by a signal cable hooked up to the charging dock, providing a strict boundary that the robot can never cross. A robot mower usually features a collision sensor for protection against crashing into a tree or some other obstacle, tilt control, rain sensor, and motion sensor.

Robot mowers work extremely well – they can run for more than ten hours, day in, day out, taking a rest for a quick recharge only. Some robot mower models also feature mulching (full shredding of grass clippings, discharged to provide a lawn fertilizer).

Smartphone app control