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Robot grass mower


This very easy to install and operate tool, intended for mowing lawns up to 1500 m2, features an ultrasonic obstacle sensor and can be controlled with a mobile app.

Price 3839.00 PLN

18 cm

cutting width

1500 m2

maximum cutting area

20 - 60 mm

cutting height

NAC RLM1500-DY robot grass mower with ultrasonic obstacle sensor and mobile app control

This very easy to install and operate tool is intended for mowing lawns up to 1500 m2.

The robot features 2 selectable operating programs for a manual control or automatic control mode.

The manual mode allows scheduling the daily mowing time.

The recommended mowing time for a 1500 m2 working area is 12 hours a day.
It is enough to press Start and the robot begins mowing.

The automatic mode is managed with a smartphone app.

A Bluetooth module is integrated with the robot mower for ad-hoc connectivity with a smartphone that has the robot app installed.
The app enables configuring the specific operating settings of the robot, including
operating days and hours, as well as mowing area boundaries.

This tool can mow grass at day or night.
It features a patented 3-in-1 mowing system (grass cutting with mulching and spreading) that discharges the clippings shredded to a size fine enough that does away with any raking of mowing debris while fertilising the lawn.

The cutting height can be controlled with a knob on the top housing.
The cutting height range is 20 – 60 mm.

The robot mower has ultrasonic sensors.
The sensors detect solid obstacles more than 10 cm tall, like walls, fences, and garden furniture.
When an obstacle appears in the sensor range, the robot will stop, back up, and continue mowing in a different direction.
The robot does not hit any obstacle it detects.

The safety and convenience of operation is ensured by an array of sensors of the mowing robot for detection of obstacles, rain, slope inclination, and lifting off the ground.

The product includes everything necessary to start up, operate and service the robot.


2 operating modes: manual and automatic control
Supports smartphone app control.

4 sensors: detection of obstacles, rain, slope inclination, and lifting off the ground

Cutting height control range: 20 – 60 mm.

3-in-1 mowing system (grass cutting with mulching and spreading).


battery voltage:
20 V
battery capacity:
5 Ah
battery type:
battery charging time:
200 min max
Wi-Fi connectivity:
supports smartphone app control.
cutting width:
18 cm
cutting height:
20 - 60 mm
cutting height control:
maximum cutting area:
1500 m2
cutting blades:
max slope inclination:
robot + battery pack weight:
7.9 kg + 0.5 kg
sound power level, as tested:
57 dB


NAC Sp. z o.o. realizuje projekt dofinansowany z Funduszy Europejskich ,,Opracowanie nowego projektu wzorniczego w branży urządzeń ogrodniczych”

Celem projektu jest upowszechnienie modelu tworzenia wartości rynkowej produktów przez wdrażanie autorskich wzorów i współpracę z projektantami.

Planowane efekty: wprowadzenie na rynek robota koszącego
Wartość projektu: 1 274 280,00 PLN
Dofinansowanie projektu z UE: 600 600,00 PLN