Electric woodchoppers are mobile and convenient power tools and a dream of every gardening enthusiast who cares about clean air. Fires of wooden debris and trimmed branches have been a permanent feature of autumn in Poland for decades, and not without contribution to smog. Depending on the motor power output and milling cutter blade size, a woodchipper can process branches up to several centimetres thick, putting out a pile of chips, not unlike a paper shredder. The woodchipper performance is designed to apply the right amount of torque with a sharp, rotating cutter blade to quickly shred the branches fed into the tool. The blades can be replaced and resharpened. A woodchiper takes up the material fed into it and if a branch gets stuck inside, the reverse speed helps to unclog the tool. If the woodchiper is overloaded, an automatic trip will stop the motor; if there is a power blackout, a sensor will prevent accidental restarting when voltage is restored.

Gardeners and enthusiasts praise woodchippers for silent operation and efficiency. The branches are turned into wood chips in an instant, and the discharge is collected into a large, removable bin.
Once the bin is full of chips, you can take them and walk around your orchard to bed the shrubs or spread a protective layer of wood chips over freshly planted bulbs. What is left can be composted.