The leaves littering the sidewalks and gardens in the autumn provide a truly picturesque scenery, and while they can be beneficial (hedgehogs burrow into the leaves for winter hibernation), they may pose a problem when they appear in large quantities. The solution is a set of dedicated tools, namely vacuum cleaners and blowers, designed to help manage veritable oceans of dead leaves.
Cordless blowers are used to bring the leaves into one place, due to the high-speed motor generating a jet of air from the long nozzle that can blast with precision. More advanced tools include vacuum cleaners, either electric or petrol-powered, which can blow leaves with jets of up to 265 kmh or aspirate and shred the debris into a spacious bag. The low weight makes them largely effortless to operate. The ground wheels at the tip of the nozzle help to keep the suction tube off the ground for the cleaner to collect leaves, dust and litter.