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Cordless vacuum blower


The NAC cordless vacuum blower is powered by 20V Li-ion battery packs with a capacity of 2, 4 or 6 Ah.
They make it extremely easy to clean debris from a garden, a driveway or a footpath.

Price 524.00 PLN

2x20 V

supply voltage

2.6 kg


NAC VBB-BL-LI-2x20V cordless vacuum blower - body

A product in the NAC AKUMULTISYSTEM 20 V line: a family of NAC’s cordless power and gardening tools which share the same battery pack system.
The tool is powered by two 20V Li-ion battery packs with a capacity of 2, 4 or 6 Ah.

With the NAC VBB-BL-LI-2x20V cordless vacuum blower, removing fallen leaves and other debris from a driveway, a patio deck or other areas in the garden is fast and easy.

The tool features suction/blowing power control using a knob at the handle.

The vacuum mode aspirates debris into a 35-litre bag, shredding the collected material in the process to make it take up less space.
The bag has a zipper for easy emptying.

The blower mode puts out a blast of air at a maximum of 200 km/h, making short work of cleaning around the house and in the garden.

The tube mouth with the ground wheels is easy to guide along the ground.


Ergonomic handle

Tube mouth ground wheels

Two-piece tube


rated voltage:
2x20 V
battery capacity:
2, 4, or 6 Ah
battery type:
air blower flow rate:
200 km/h
speed settings:
material volume compaction:
leaf bag capacity:
35 L
estimated 2 Ah battery pack operating time:
10 min (blower mode); 7 min (vacuum mode)
weight (w/o battery):
2.6 kg
the product includes:
vacuum blower (no battery pack or charger included)


NAC Sp. z o.o. realizuje projekt dofinansowany z Funduszy Europejskich ,,Opracowanie nowego projektu wzorniczego w branży urządzeń ogrodniczych”

Celem projektu jest upowszechnienie modelu tworzenia wartości rynkowej produktów przez wdrażanie autorskich wzorów i współpracę z projektantami.

Planowane efekty: wprowadzenie na rynek robota koszącego
Wartość projektu: 1 274 280,00 PLN
Dofinansowanie projektu z UE: 600 600,00 PLN