Whenever a wheeled mower cannot be used or gets stuck at an obstacle, then petrol brush cutters and electric or cordless trimmers come to the rescue.
Petrol brush cutters have replaced the traditional scythes once used to cut crops or trim areas hard to reach that required more precision. Today’s modern tools, which are most often powered by two-stroke engines (which are compact and have a high rotational speed) have almost completely replaced the steel-bladed, wooden-handle scythes. Modern brush cutters are state of the art, lightweight and easy to wield, thanks to good balance. They do not require much effort to start the engine, while the vibration dampening system takes the strain off the hands during work. Depending on the task, a brush cutter can be fitted with a string head, which is enough to tackle grass and other meadow plants, or a metal cutting head that usually features three blades (it can handle weeds and brush).

Electric trimmers have features not unlike their larger, petrol counterparts, but they are designed for work that is more on the amateur end of the spectrum. They are perfect for lawns and other plants around the house and garden, where they can reach every corner, nook and cranny where a wheeled lawnmower cannot go. Their huge advantages include low-noise operation and zero-emission power