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Cordless grass trimmer


The NAC cordless grass trimmer is powered by a 40 V Li-ion battery pack with a capacity of 2, 4 or 6 Ah.
This tool is perfect for cutting brush that cannot be reached using lawnmowers.

Price 429.00 PLN

40 V

supply voltage

3.1 kg


NAC TB40-BL-NG cordless grass trimmer - body

40 V CORDLESS TOOLS line product (one battery pack and charger type for all supported tools) – one battery for all compatible gardening tools.

The grass trimmer is for mowing grass and weeds in places hard to reach with a lawnmower, like along walls, fences, trees, bushes, pathway edges, and curbs.

The tool’s length can be adjusted from 140 cm to 160 cm, the front handle can be set in convenient orientation from 0 to 90o and the cutting head tilt is adjustable from 0 to 72o.

The tool features a string cutting head which easily tackles grass and hard twigs.


Pole length adjustment.

Motor angle adjustment.

Ground wheel for easier trimming along curbs.


rated voltage:
40 V
maximum speed:
7500 rpm
cutting width:
30 cm
cutting system:
cutting head with string
cutting head angle of rotation:
0 - 72 °
estimated 2 Ah battery pack operating time:
20 min
estimated 4 Ah battery pack operating time:
40 min
estimated 6 Ah battery pack operating time:
60 min
weight (w/o battery):
3.1 kg
the product includes:
grass trimmer (no battery pack or charger included)


NAC Sp. z o.o. realizuje projekt dofinansowany z Funduszy Europejskich ,,Opracowanie nowego projektu wzorniczego w branży urządzeń ogrodniczych”

Celem projektu jest upowszechnienie modelu tworzenia wartości rynkowej produktów przez wdrażanie autorskich wzorów i współpracę z projektantami.

Planowane efekty: wprowadzenie na rynek robota koszącego
Wartość projektu: 1 274 280,00 PLN
Dofinansowanie projektu z UE: 600 600,00 PLN