A petrol lawnmower in a house with a garden is ranked just a little below a car, with which it shares certain similarities, like an internal combustion engine or a ground wheel driveline for propulsion (and more often than not, the lawnmower is parked next to the car in the same garage and enjoys a similar level of respect). It is intended for tending to large lawns on a level ground. The big blade width makes short work of mowing. The clearance control allows cutting the grass to the same height selected from a range of height levels. The big, self-propelled wheels and ergonomic handle save the operator’s effort and make manouevring easy. A spacious grass bin is where the clippings are discharged, by which the lawn looks great right after mowing, without any raking.

An electric lawnmower is a tool for lawns directly by the house (as it requires connection to mains power using a cord) with a performance on par with its petrol counterparts; electric lawnmowers come with self-propulsion that turns an otherwise exacting chore into an enjoyable experience. Another advantage of an electric lawnmower is the silent, zero-emission motor which goes in perfect harmony with nature and has enough power to cut through the tallest grass. The clippings can be discharged onto the ground or into a big grass bin, the capacity of which requires it to be emptied less often. A mulching lawnmower shreds the grass clippings into fine debris, which is a suitable fertiliser for the grass, requiring no collection or raking.

While a cordless lawnmower performs very much like its electric, power cord-tethered counterpart (in terms of a wide blade, cutting height adjustment, different discharge options plus bagging of the clippings or mulching), it outperforms in mobility – it can run away from a power outlet and the battery pack capacity is the only limit. The remaining power can be read from the charge indicator and when a battery pack is discharged, it needs to be plugged into a charger or replaced with a charged one. Some models are easier to control if they are self-propelled. The battery-powered lawnmowers work well in difficult terrain, especially when mowing sharp slopes.