A bucket of water and a sponge? These are well in the past now! Today, nearly all car owners wash their four wheels with jets of water at high pressure and mixed with a detergent, propelled from a lance to remove dirt and grime. While this happens at a hand car wash, you can wash the car with perfect results on your driveway, using a portable pressure washer. There are many models which vary in motor power (and, as a consequence, the water output pressure) from 1200 W to 2500 W that helps to make even a SUV all caked in mud shine again. Pressure washers have other applications, too, for washing patios, facades, statues or garden furnitures clean. The work is easy with interchangeable lance tips and tools, like the patio cleaner brush, which prevents spraying water all around when scrubbing the driveway or patio clean.