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Generic filters

Air ionising purifier with UV lamp


The NAC AP145-DN air purifier has a Polish National Public Health Institute (PZH) certificate, which is
a warranty of user and environmental safety of operation.

Price 249.00 PLN

10 W

nominal power


fan speeds

145 m3/h


NAC AP145-DN air ionising purifier with UV lamp

This NAC air ionising purifier is especially recommended to allergy sufferers.
The 5-stage filtering technology removes up to 95% of airborne allergens as small as 0.3 microns, including particulate matter, pollens, pet hair, allergens, viruses, bacteria, and smoke.

The air intake is located at the bottom.
The pre-filter stops solid contaminants like
dust and hair of pets and humans.
Then, the air goes through the HEPA11 filters which removes solid contaminants like PM2.5 and PM10 particulate matter, the basic components of harmful smog, as well as bacteria, viruses and mite spores.
Finally, the air passes an activated carbon filter which absorbs harmful gases and odours from the room.

The pure air is discharged with negative ions into the room.
Ionisation improves the mood and health of the occupants.
The ions deactivate viruses and allergens.
There is a UV lamp inside the appliance, which provides high bactericidal action.

The appliance features a programmable timer for setting the time to power off.

The NAC air purifier has a HEPA filter change reminder.


5-stage air filtering technology removes up to 95% airborne allergens

Air ionisation – especially recommended to allergy sufferers.

Programmable timer to set the operating time of the appliance.

Dark mode.


nominal power:
10 W
supply voltage:
230 V
air intake:
360 deg.
fan speeds:
programmable operating time:
2/4/8 h
pre-filter, HEPA11 filter, activated carbon filter
extra features:
air ioniser; internal UV-C light treatment; dark mode
sound level:
45 dB
145 m3/h
20x20x38 cm
max room area:
15 m2
1.9 kg


NAC Sp. z o.o. realizuje projekt dofinansowany z Funduszy Europejskich ,,Opracowanie nowego projektu wzorniczego w branży urządzeń ogrodniczych”

Celem projektu jest upowszechnienie modelu tworzenia wartości rynkowej produktów przez wdrażanie autorskich wzorów i współpracę z projektantami.

Planowane efekty: wprowadzenie na rynek robota koszącego
Wartość projektu: 1 274 280,00 PLN
Dofinansowanie projektu z UE: 600 600,00 PLN