Even the most powerful petrol and electric chainsaw models will not do when the wood to be cut is hard and thick and the chain, the tool piece in direct contact, is already blunt from hours and hours of heavy work. Even when the tool is revving hard and the chain runs at an insane speed, the cut does not get deeper and there is a sting of burned wood… This means it is high time to break out the chain sharpener which will quickly make the chain sharp again. Powered by a high-speed electric motor, the chain sharpener is a tool fastened to a bench for stability and perfect safety, enhanced by the grinding wheel guard. The tilt vice and the swivel chain guide help with quick and precise resharpening of every blunt tooth without any fear of damage, staved off by the grinding depth stop. Chain sharpeners come with induction or commutator motors and 100 mm or 145 mm grinding wheels.